In the Space of Digital Learning Services we provide the following:-

  1. E Learning Content Consultancy
  2. E Learning Content Creation
  3. Digital learning Platform Consultancy and Sales
  4. Digital Learning Platform managed Services
  5. Shared Digital Platform Learning Collaboration

We have an arrangement with Bloom I-learning to help users get a Customised, Secure, Feature Rich and Trainer/Tutor oriented platform to Go-Digital with their learning programs. It is completely trainer and learner-centric platform providing an ability to deliver training in multiple modes. This makes the training extremely engaging and rewarding

Also, we offer the Trainers and tutors who look to Go-Digital but would like to collaborate rather than purchase a platform and mange on their own to create and offer their programs through our platform on a program based revenue share model.

One Such example is The Enter-Trainer Digital Learning Academy (TEDLA) which is already up and running with its unique offerings.

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