Well! all said and done a lot of things happen to us in life – accidentally.Since t was not planned it happened on its own. And whatever happens leaves its impact Right or Wrong. A very interesting incident that happened today led me to write this before it were lost n the oblivionof many other thoughts threatening to cloud my mind. Therefore, here we go..

As usual in the morning as i wanted to shave, I squeezed out a little shaving cream only to realise very quickly that I was actually holding a Toothpaste tube in my hand, I immediately pushed the paste back into the tube in an impulsive move. And guess what happened? I succeeded in doing so. Now that set my mind thinking about this very possibility as an impossible act being sold to me in many a training. “Friends, just as you cannot restore an already squeezed paste back into the tube you cannot withdraw your words, mail, communications actions and what not.

So, the paradigm for me changed in a moment. The argument is no longer acceptable to me and I would in all probability respond with an objection for sure. Now, look at it from an angle of trainers facing the audience with an air of high knowledge and “I tell you listen” attitude, what a devastating effcet if the audience knows better and gets argumentative with evidence.

Very Important that facts are verified and more importantly present only your experiences to the audience. They would all relate more. Empathy, Understanding or Need one of these is a must from the other side to keep the program intact. One of the fallacies to live with is that I can get away with t. Before long one will trap you and all is lost. So, A learning from a toothpaste tube for your reference. Served up HOT.