The Middle is designed as a large part as we look at in many a ways. Be it the middle Life (Mid-Life), the middle body of the human anatomy, the middle management in corporate or the middle generation. middle class in population there is a lot in common for all the middles as mentioned. Let us look at the commonalities in comparison. Anatomy, Class, management, or Generation. We will look at Anatomy and management at large and you will be only amused at the others when compared to be just as apt.

1) Size:- The middle is the largest in size in all cases whether, Human Anatomy, Generation, management, or the Middle Class in population. By far bigger than the Top and larger than the bottom when considered for accounting in terms of space.

2) Productivity:- Very relevant when it comes to productivity, the most important is the MIDDLE in each of the categories. this is one group that contributes the most to productivity and links the Top and the Bottom to ensure productivity happens. left on their own, just the Top or the Bottom cannot be as productive. maybe not productive at all!

3) Importance:- While being the Key to productivity and the link between the Top and the Bottom is always accorded least importance. Interestingly we wash our limbs and face more than the middle. We take good care of our Top and Bottom. Boots for the bottom and Helmet for the Top and the middle? Consider it w.r.t the corporate environment. We take care of the Top and are worried about the bottom and the middle goes for granted.

4) Naturally abused: The organs on the Top are indispensable and the ones at the bottom can be done without, but the middle is most abused leading to obesity, diabetes, lifestyle diseases affect the middle more for the inaction of the Top and the Bottom. Look at the corporate equivalent and you will smile to find such stark similarity. Organs in the middle are indiscriminately operated upon and replaced while those at the TOP especially are taken care of and the Bottom are replaceable. If a person is without limbs or brain dead while the middle is still working, the middle is cannibalised and given up. But if the middle has an issue, it just needs replacement or operation. May also be asked to work with partial impairment. The corporate comparison is uncanny.

5)Most Taxed: Most taxed whether the Middle management/middle class or generation and taxed in terms of TASKS or even the taxman’s taxes. Interestingly in Crisis situation, the Top is revived and so is the Bottom but the middle has to make do. So in an accident the medical teams are just followers of the same principle.

So dears, just imagine the magnanimity of the middle in bearing the brunt and the fury of all thrown at it and yet continuing to be the link that hold everything together. Regardless of the benefits, importance and all the rest. Because, for the middle there is this saying “Ask not what ………. gave you, ask what you can give for ……….” add Country, population, body or generation , management, leaders whatever that crosses your mind in the blanks and Voila! it holds good. So middle will always be muddled.

All is not lost though! Those who care for of the middle, be it the body, the generation, the companies, organisations, people or families have the best version of themselves. And, they are always able to wither any storm successfully. They always appear and are SMART. So when are we getting smart and are you looking around for your middle…… We are leaving out the middle finger and midlife crisis for now….