As the Bollywood song from Rangeela goes “Kya karein, Kya na karein , yeh kaisi mushkil Hai”. This probably is the most pertinent and persistent of questions that dogs all human kind, probably day in and day out. Every once a while we all are put into situations that warrant an answer, a response, an action or an acknowledgement which is not easily forthcoming due to the repercussions that may set off. So! What does one do?

Ah! isn’t that the question we set-off with and there we are back to square one and how quickly one gets into a SPOT. The escape is to be “SPOT ON” with whatever one comes up with in this situation. Now given the vagaries of the human mind and when one is caught in a situation like this out of the blue, oh my! what to do? Life Skills is all about handling such situations and leading a life free of such bother. But, is it possible? If Yes, then HOW? and What to do? There you go again…. However, with a little practice and a little understanding of  yourself and what values one wants to live and be known for (of course values are always righteous). It becomes a tad easy and a habit tht YOU get known for. I for one have been blessed to be in the company of such people around me that I gained an insight into “What to do and what not do” through observing various circumstances that people get into as I come from a large family that believes in getting around together often and that too with friends tagged along. Not that lucky are those who have had an isolated upbringing and a largely virtual Social Life. And so, we have the various issues on Social Media that are the NEWS. So much for tolerance and acceptance which are important constituents of LIFE SKILLS. But more on that later.

Lets ponder on the this for now…..