Right messaging and communicating clearly in times of conflict or in times of difficulty of such magnitude is of critical importance. Especially, by he leaders and those who matter. Leaders who tend to be motormouth or who communicate for the sake of being heard about the noise without thinking only add to the noise and chaos. Leaders who do not communicate much are lost in the noise and chaos. So, what is the way out? What kind of communication that leaders need to adhere to in these times is actually a No-brainer. The right kind of communication at the right time and just the “Right messaging”.

So what is right messaging? The content of the communication measured by the words, their force or lack of it. The tonality of the sentences framed ought to have the right construct so that nothing beyond and nothing less than what is intended is understood. Miscommunication is worse than missed communication.

Let me relate this with an incident from Ramayana. Luv and Kush the sons of Lord Rama grew up without the knowledge of their actual origins and parentage. Cut to the scene where they come across a horse with a message challenging anyone who would hold the horse captive. The messaging reads that any individual who would hold the horse in captivation would have to face the King Rama’s army of valiant warriors or submit themselves to them and therefore accept their sovereignty. The children in their enthusiasm and will to explore their own strengths against the challenge, not willing to give up without a challenge capture the horse and what ensues is a face off where many a valiant warrior bites the dust at their hands. forcing the king Rama himself to arrive at the scene to recover the horse and loss of face.

It is then that the Guru Valmiki presents himself, identifies and clears the air and avoids a cruel face=off. The only argument that the children make and this talks about the messaging.

Had the message on the horse mentioned that the challenge is not for everyone, rather for those who wish to challenge King Rama’s supremacy which is to be upheld by all the people under his rule. This situation would not have arisen. Since Luv and Kush as citizens of King Rama’s territory would not have captured the horse at all! Neither did any of his warriors clarify the same before confronting. So there was a series of lost communication following the messaging on the horse that could have been better.

Therefore Right Messaging and proper communication is extremely important in these times. The messaging has to just right! A well balanced and weighted messaging and also only as much as required. As they say ‘it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people assume you are a fool, rather than open your mouth and prove that you are”

Thank You!